Lover Gone

By frogprince

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Tags: lost love, sorrow, lament

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My lover is gone. I know not why. Left without saying bye-bye
Here I sit broken hearted.
My love has left
My heart and soul are parted.

She took it with her.
I miss those lips
That met at the mound of fur.

I want those full soft lips.
I need the smile of her face.
I loved the thrust of her hips.

She had me by my manhood.
Her lips surrounded me
She held on, turning it to wood.

The stroking made me moan
And when she stopped
I would utter a loud groan.

I kissed her erect hard nipples,
When I caressed her breasts,
Her feelings inside came in ripples.

When she came she started shaking.
When I came inside her
I could feel she wasn’t faking.

All is gone I know not why.
She walked out the door
Without a simple bye-bye