By Soleillalune

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Tags: love, sadness, long distance, hope

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As always, for him

Something happened in my head

Maybe something that was said

Something happened in my heart

Sadness filled, began to spread

Reality of distance, miles so far apart

I tried to hide and smiled instead

But you read pain in my heart

I felt the hurt of words unsaid

Your quiet as you wait with care 

Trusting you, baring self 

I said that I am sad

Open arms, you drew me near

These words are what you said

Sshh, close your eyes, listen dear 

Can you hear the waves

See the ocean water clear

Imagine just how deep

Can you see the end

Imagine just how vast

Now can you comprehend 

When I say this love will last

Like the ocean shore upon the sand

From your love I'll never part

Like the ocean, vast and deep

Inside your love, inside your heart

Is where I live and where I sleep

Where I rest and where I dwell

Where I've been since I fell

He told a lullaby to my heart

To soothe my weariness 

Wipe away my weepy tear

Ease my mind of stress

And take away my fear

Did I tell you thank you ?

For your love and care

Did I say I love you?

My precious, precious dear