Make Me Cum

By Bunny12

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I long to be inside of you, to hear your voice and know its true;
That you feel the same as I, a burning lust we can’t deny.

Feeling your breath on my skin, throwing caution to the wind;
Achieve that state of total bliss, what I require is your kiss.

Your sweet lips all over me, creating a state of ecstasy;
Tingles run right down my spine, straight to that hot pussy of mine.

Baby I want to make you moan, thrill you right down to the bone;
I’m a pressure cooker that needs release, you can bring me to my peak.

Steamy hot I am about to blow, I need you just so you know;
To sooth my body and ease my mind, it takes both of us entwined.

Hard as steel I feel your meat, I am ready to be swept off my feet;
Carried away on a cloud of desire, my need to cum with you is dyer.

It is building up inside of me, the anticipation of what can be;
Feeling your tongue licking my lips, it makes my wet pussy twitch.

Makes it tight and ready for cock, fuck me now and please don’t stop;
Clamping down on your dick, play with my clit and give it a flick.

Feel my tunnel squeezing your pole, what I really want is your sweet hole;
Exploring the inside of you, makes my deepest passions brew.

Straddle my face and feed me your cock, I want to fuck your ass around the clock;
Suck your dick just like you love, making you cum is all I can think of.

I really want you on your knees, ass in the air ready to please;
Tease your prostate and make you shake, an orgasm stronger than an earthquake.

Then keep on going playing with your head, over that line is where I’ll tread;
I just love to make you jump, tease your cock and make your heart thump.

But what I need even more; is to be your little cum slut whore;
Have you give me orgasms a plenty, my juices drip from having so many.

Wave after wave radiating through me, contractions so deep in my pussy;
A pulsing hard clit here I go again, I’m cumming so hard I am going insane.

Crazy for the things you do to me, you know exactly what I need;
Make me cum so many times, multiple orgasms just like wine.

They make me drunk with lust for you; I love all the sexy things that you do;
Make me cum baby the way you know how, leave me so breathless I can only say WOW!