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Make the storm go away

Make the storm go away

Abandoned girl finds shelter during a storm
He out ran the storm
But the day was still clear
He finished tying her up
Soon it would be here.

He walked down the street
The Pelican for a cold brew
He sat on a corner seat
Then ordered some shrimp too.

In walked a girl so small
Yellow was her top stringed
White shorts she also wore
A duffel also did she bring.

She sat down on the stool
Next to him, round the corner
She looked at the server
Then she order a water.

She sat down there quietly
And saw him sitting near by
Her eyes roamed round the bar
She had been having a good cry.

Her skin was brown and all bronze
Pretty against her top of yellow
She looked to be twenty no more
She takes the knees from a fellow.

His shrimp came on a plate
25 of them was the number
At only fifteen cents each
Full tummy to aid his slumber.

He had eaten but just one
Swig of beer, it was now late
When at the girl he looked
She's eyeing his shrimp plate.

Would like some he asked
I'm really hungry, not much today
Shrimp is something I adore
Are you sure it's okay?

He ate a few more,
He had finished number four
He looked down at he plate
And saw there was no more.

Oh my god, I ate them all
She started to cry then to say
I'm so sorry she looked down
I haven't eaten since yesterday.

He paid up tab at the bar
Then gave the server five more
Give her another shrimp plate
Then walked out the door.

To The Community he went
He had to pick up some stores
He felt a dampness in the air
Soon he thought it would pour.

Walking back to the boat
A Rhodes New Weekender
A 39 footer she was
To Florida he had to deliver.

He was putting his stores away
Back topside to get the beer
When that same yellow swim top
A girl attached on the pier.

Beside her was her duffel
A hopeless look to her face
I can’t thank you enough
For the meal at that place.

Is this your boat? she asks
She looks pretty Yar.
I’m afraid she's not mine
Just a delivery boy so far.

Do you know boats he asks
A friend's dad had a sail
We'd take her on the lake
Every weekend without fail.

She looked at him and cried
My boyfriend and I had a awful fight
He force me out and left me
May I please board for the night.

As I said this isn't my boat
I don't know if I should
Perhaps someone else can help
He wished if only he could.

Horror on her face as she looked
Out to the sound in a trance
There was a squall line there
Just at the harbor's entrance.

Quick, toss my me your gear
Then take off your shoes
We'll wait the storm out here
Then we'll decide what to do.

Into the small cabin they rushed
He shut the door, then hatch
Securing both of them together
With a hasp and a latch.

The rain struck the deck above
Please let me stay here one night
I don't take up much room
On morrow I'll leave you, alright.

They moved past the galley
He shows her the small head
He shows her the dinette
Which can be made into a bed.

From the two benches and table
He quickly let the table lower
It converted to a small double
A place to rest just for her.

The rain poured, started to dance
Sheeting across the deck over head
Suddenly a clap to thunder roared
She had a look fright and great dread.

I don't like storms like this
Since I was three and a kid
When it would storm like this
I'd run to my closet and hid.

Another clap louder than before
She grab him, pulls him in tight
Hold me, hold on to me please
Don't let it get me tonight

He put his arms around her
Her body was shaking with fear
It's okay, there's not to worry
We'll just stay right here.

Hold me, hold on to me now
Your not listening to what I say
Don't let it get me tonight
Please, Make the storm go away.

Please, Make the storm go away
She shivered and began to cry
He felt the warmth of her skin
We're safe, safe while here inside.

Another clap the louder they got
Around his neck her arms did stay
I don't like these storms so loud
Please oh please, Make it go away.

She trembled and shook from fear
She hugged and hugged real tight
Thank you, oh thank you sir
For letting me spend the night.

He looked down at her face
Her eyes were filled with terrible fright
She could not control how she felt
She looked up and saw her knight.

There's but one thing to do for me
It helps me get through my fright
I need your help just once more
Please make love to me tonight.

Without waiting for his answer
Her yellow swim top hits the deck
Then her shorts and swim bottom
Nude she then grabs round his neck.

More thunder and flashes crash round
Trembling with fear she starts to say
Then kisses him hard with purpose
Please, Make the storm go away.

He pulls at her arms to pry away
Picks her up and holds her there
Lays her on the bed newly made
Sheds his clothes they both are bear.

He moves over her cowering body
He stops to look at her quietly
Then their naked sexes just touch
That stops, this moment of insanity.

A wave strikes to boat outside
The boat heels with a lunge
Inside they're caught off guard
And into her sex he plunge.

They stop to look at one another
He feels her warmth, her moist and tight
She grabs his hips and pulls him in
I want you to stay here this night.

The thunder claps and lightning flashes
The cabin is filled with static light
They move together on the berth
This is could be a glorious night.

They love and kiss each other
Her arms wrap over him to say
He's helping her overcome her fear
You're making the storm go away.

Their rhythm matches boat's sway
Rocking on the waters of the harbor
The storm still raging above them
She feels his love within her.

She starts to cry again, but happy this time
Looking up and with tears to say
Thank you, Oh thank you sir
For making that storm go away.

They made love till past midnight
Storm had long since abated
A sweaty pair lie on the berth
Exhausted and tired, both sexual sated.

She turns towards him and said
For this night I have to say
Thanks for all you have done
Thanks for chasing the storm away.

Don't worry about tomorrow
Just give me your bed this night
I'll leave you just as I said
In the morning, at first light.

The rain falls more softly now
The cabin filled with its sound
His hand cups one of her breasts
A kiss on her lips is found.

He's propped up on his elbow
She was tearing up, starting to weep
Don't worry about that now
What you need now is sleep.

We'll decide on that in the morn
I certain we'll find what's best
Looking at her calmly he asks
Have you every been to Key West?

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