By lilmissstickykiss

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Tags: bdsm, power play, passion, servant, master, poem, oral

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O' favor, o' heaven at your feet,
naked kneeling before thy grace,
body taken, heart broken, skin torn,
longing replaced like servant given.

Longing oh, so true and blessed,
dripping at thy feet, kissing all,
passion given, all taken, lashes severe, 
desire fulfilled by shadowed tongue.

Sweet heaven, my sweet nectar, 
open mouth and tilted head,
swallowing, licking, consuming master,
hunger filled by passionate exchange.

O' fill me, push me, open thighs,
pushed down and bent over,
throbbing still, open wet, burn together,
desperation replaced by sweet release.

Loneliness true, spread on your body,
curling down before your perfection,
love taken, heart taken, body yours,
life given completely to you.