By LauraLee_sugah

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the night is dark,
the bed is warm but lonely.
my fingers slide inside my panties
to softly stroke.

my thoughts are all of you...
that quirky, solemn mouth,
your words flowing over me
like warmth and laughter,
little touches of time and tenderness.

what I want is to feel YOUR fingers
serving my body
in the same way mine slide up and down
to tease my slit...
whorls and ridges rolling across me
to feel my moans
and my shallow breaths.

slide those fingers inside me
and feel my body spasm with joy.
do it now.

my fingers move faster
and deeper.
my thumb works swollen flesh
and I fall apart
with a shaking body
and clenching core
and your name on my mouth.

sated for the moment,
my fingers still touching and filling,
i fall dreamlessly
and deeply