May Sorrow Take Wing

By Shylass

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Tags: waiting, hope, shadows, fear, sunrise

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I would wait a thousand nights for you, if you just gave me one day of your heart.
The lamplight glows across the face of my dreams
As reality hides from these ragged, ripped seams.
A kiss in the shadows and the touch of your hand
Is all that I crave in this dreaming wasteland.
These fears flee your smile as I think of your face,
And I know I abide without shame and disgrace
As I lie in your arms and I hear your heart beat;
In my endless desires rest your passionate heat.

Do not look upon me, or the shape I am in,
Merely love me for loving you, blind to my sin.
Past the dark witching hour where the monsters crawl out,
Before the dawn rises, a glorious shout
Can be heard as it echoes through these valleys of Hope,
Striding onwards with confident, long-legged lope.
A dawn filled with splendour will be my sunrise
'Til I see a deep love shining forth from your eyes.

But until that day, before Sorrow takes wing,
I must wait for the moment when my heart can sing.
And should Death dare claim me before you arrive,
It is only Hope of you that keeps me alive.
So if, when you peer in the shadowy gloom,
And you see my form waiting, then please give me room
To explore my potential and all I could be
If you'd just love me back, and be Us:
Thee and me.