Midnight Flower

By LatinSugar

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Tags: moonlight, yearn, desire, kissing

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Our Time Will Come
I call out your name under the Moonlight
Even if the Ocean swallows it in vain, taking it deep
Burying it within the sands of time, covered, hidden

Words that are fire burning without mercy
Lifting sorrow, grief and tears far from your heart
Lips melt upon golden skin, kisses felt deep within

Passion that is ours yet to be consumed
Listen, touch, feel the desire, take it all
Keep it safe, cherish, and savor, for it is yours

We will have our time, our day, our night
While the world goes on around us
We will live, breathe, feast within other

Sweet blossom opens sultry so fragrant
Take my hand, walk with me
Inhale the scent of this Midnight Flower