Midnight Love

By Babygurrl91

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First time I met my true Love
Midnight love,
where stars surround you,
where smiles are friendly

Upstate New york,
where I met you,
you met me,
You found someone
happy as can be.

Midnight love,
where stars surround you,
It felt like magic when I am
with you

I was in a patrol car,
you were outside,
You came towards me,
opened the door,
we talked,
You gave me a index card,
with a number, your number

Midnight Love,
where stars surround you,
You surrounded me with happyness,
When I first met you.

My dad came to you the next day,
asked about you,
told you to keep trying,
I'll come around,
I did,
You were happy when that happen,
He gave you my number,
you started texting me.

Midnight love,
I was in love,
you have fought for me since day one
and still do,
I can't live without you,
I love you more than anything

We started hooking up,
I was glad that we did,
you were always at my house,
spending the night,
we never been apart,
you gave me the love that I never had

Midnight love,
when the lights flicker
in the streets,
all I seen was the smile on
your face

Midnight love,
became more than
midnight love,
it became a marriage,
that I will fight for everyday,
I know you will do the same.
I love you.