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Milking It Good

Sliding my greasy fingers up the crack of his ass;
His knees are up and he’s lying down on his back.

I was sucking his dick just a minute before;
Now I’m lubing up his sexy back door.

Rubbing that ring today he feels so tight;
It is pulsing on my finger tips to my delight.

Then it opens up and I slide in;
Just a little at first in the beginning.

Stroking his dick firm and slow;
Then I work my magic down below.

Deeper I go until I find his prostate;
I hook up my finger and begin to gyrate.

Moans are escaping from his lips;
As the thrusting begins from his hips.

Then I suck his dick back into my mouth;
While I’m fucking his horny hole down south.

Sucking his cock while I invade his ass;
Milking his prostate makes him gasp.

As I squeeze it the cum oozes from his dick;
I suck it all down and give it a lick.

It is making my pussy wet and hot;
As he moans baby don’t you stop.

It’s dripping down the inside of my thighs;
Getting wetter and tighter with each one of his cries.

As I manipulate his prostate I feel a gush of cum;
Each time I press into it that hot river runs.

So I suck harder making him scream;
I want that final explosion of all his cream.

Two more gushes before I’m done;
I’m milking it good and it’s so much fun.

Then his legs get stiff and tense up;
He is going to cum so hard in the mouth of his slut.

He jerks his dick while I concentrate on his hole;
Fucking his sexy ass never gets old.

He says “Oh baby I am going to cum hard.”
So I swallow his cock because I’m in charge.

His legs start to tremble and then his toes curl;
That is the signal I’m about to rock his world.

I suck his cock harder and fuck his ass deeper;
This orgasm he’s having is not a creeper.

It hits him hard as his cock explodes;
Dumping into my mouth a great big load.

I keep fucking and sucking and it makes him jump;
Draining his balls with my fingers buried in his rump.

I milked him good every single last drop;
I love fucking his sexy ass I never want to stop!

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © It is forbidden to reproduce any of this material without express permission from Bunny12 the slut who wrote all this crap!

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