Morning Dew

By Swollen

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Early morning, can't sleep, my mind turns to your body .........

5 am, I can't sleep.. I'm snuggling up behind you, just wearing my silky bed slip, spooning you, pushing my body against yours to get your warmth against me. Feeling your body through the thin fabric. You're sleeping. Feeling my nipples harden, I slide my hand down your back, to your hip, over the top of your hip to your cock.

Your body's not awake yet, your sex is so soft. I take it in my hand and gently stroke you. You stir and roll onto your back half asleep. Silently, I move my body down the bed, and take you into my soft, warm mouth.

You're still soft, and my mouth gently caresses your cock. You wake and murmur the realisation of what i'm doing starting to dawn on you. Your cock stiffens immediately as I work my tongue over your shaft. I take your entire cock into my mouth and as my head starts to slowly work you in and out of me, you get harder and fuller enjoying your early morning surprise.
I look up at your sleepy face with my smiling eyes, as my hand cups your balls feeling so heavy with their morning dew. You hear my sounds...... mmmmmmmmmm........I suck on you gently at first, but then with wanting, feeling your veins pulsing as I enjoy your manhood

I feel your hands on my head and your hips rise to my face, ensuring your cock is filling every available inch of my mouth. My head bobs up and down up and down up and down, pulsating in my hands, your cock is so rigid now, so perfect. I want your love juice, you know I do. Your back arches, you moan and I feel your warm sticky load fire into my mouth. I hold you there relishing your gift for me, I can taste your saltiness and feel the thick liquid in my mouth. I swallow enjoying the most intimate act.
I look at you and smile, your eyes are closed. I come back to you and rest under your arm, You turn and kiss me as I snuggle in the crook of your shoulder ............our eyes close as we drift back to sleep until the early morning sun rises .

A perfect start to the day.