Morning Email

By BelleduJour

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Tags: masturbation, cum, fingering, morning sex

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Inspired by a recent lover...
It’s early and still dark outside
I wake from yet another restless sleep
Tossing and turning
Thoughts of you racing through my head
And in need of a release
I close my eyes again
And let the feeling wash over me
I can’t help myself
Moisture has already made its home at the entrance of my pussy
I slip my fingers between my thighs
Into my wet and throbbing pussy
God, I wish you could feel this...
As usual, one finger, even two fingers just isn’t enough
With my other hand, I pinch my nipples very hard
Always amazed at how a little pain can give so much pleasure
It doesn’t take long
I swallow my moans,
My screams
But it doesn’t matter
My body rocks with the force of my orgasm
I remove my fingers from my quivering pussy
And bring them to my lips
Licking each finger one by one
My body relaxes
My mind slows down
And I’m ready to take on the day

I hope your morning is as good as mine!