My Confession

By VirginalViet

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Tags: mental infidelity

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With one man when you need to be with another.
My Confession

Tenderly you hold me

Just like you told me.

You stroke my hair

And touch what you dare.

I feel your hardness as you deeply thrust

A man doing what you must.

Between your fingers I learn

My rubbery nipples tingle and burn.

The waves get bigger

As you stoke my trigger

I want to cum…

Yes baby I badly want to cum!!

Thrust harder, release me,

Oh god release me!!

You pause….toying, teasing

You wink…..enjoying pleasing

A gentle kiss on my nose

I’m fucking close he knows.

My urges rise, confusion takes hold

Something inside I have never told

My hips thrash and thrust

I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I MUST!

I blush, I shirk, I smirk, I’m shy

Should I lie?

My body shudders

I lose my rudder.

The image of that face appears?

Oh dear!

God it’s not true?

I know it will make you feel blue.

I’m so sorry

I hope you never read this story.

As my body shakes and releases

My guilt never ceases.

I hold YOU in my arms,

YOUR driving cock inside me

But at my peak

It’s all oblique

And I’m obsessed with HIM.

As I cum, I scream

My nails dig and scrape, I dream.

Is it you? Is it HIM?

My face is flushed and pink

You think I’m satisfied

But I’m just