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My Dearest, Lust

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Every time we meet, our encounters become more intimate.
You know every curve and scar on my body.
From each other we have no secrets.

You and I do not speak at all,
Words are useless to us, and actions say everything that we need to say.
We express ourselves with our bodies.

I only look at you and you know; my body is in dire need of your physical affection.
You waste no time, giving me what my eyes have asked you for. But you never rush through it!

Though I am impatient, you make me wait.
Just enough to tantalize,
Teasing with your body.
From your fingers to your tongue, from my head to my toes, your touch stimulates my body.

Your hand glides smoothly between my legs.
As your fingers reach my clit, I attempt to pull away.
But I want it, I want you!
My body begins to ache with pleasure, when your fingers find their way deep inside of me.

Good thing you want to lead; because the deeper you go, the less I can control.
The more in charge you become. I do as you direct me to,
As if it were my job. But the pay here,
Is like none other.
No amount of money could bring about such pleasure.

You are a professional. You handle me with care and responsibility.
You answer to my every beck and call. Though you do not spoil me,
I give to get, I work to be paid. I take pleasure in knowing:
In this game we play, it is an eye for an eye, or a touch for a touch. Just how we like it!

I can’t keep my hands off of you!
While you explore my body;
Inside and out. I caress every part of you.
Preparing to stimulate you, as you are me.
But you stop me as I began.

A job unfinished,
Is a mission failed.
You refuse to fail.

The thrust of your fingers
Become more aggressive, as does the grasp you have on me.
Before I know it, it is not just my insides contracting.
My whole body is shaking with excitement.

I know there is no fighting,
A sensation as great as this.
So I let go and let you take me from there.

Within seconds I’ve reached my climax.
You conceitedly smile at me…
As you fill the warmth of my orgasm.
Flowing swiftly over your fingers.

You allow me to rest, before making me pay for my pleasure.
I lay there with a smile of satisfaction.

I’ve finally regained my strength, and I’m still as aroused as I was before.
I am ready to return the favor, as you have never let me down.

I start slow, only because I know you like speed.
I must tease before I please you.
As it seems to be, an unspoken tradition we have.

I take you into my hands, and slowly handle you with care.
I move my hand up and down you.

At this pace it takes me a full minute;
Just to move my hand, completely over your erection.
You’re so big my hand cannot, fully wrap around you.

I see you becoming more irritated,
So I purposely slow my pace more,
As I lower myself to your waist.

I move my hand just a little faster, as I touch the tip of my tongue, to your erection.
I remove my hand, as I enclose my lips around you.
I then slide my mouth,
Up and down you. Fully sucking your dick.

I move from slow to fast, to slow then fast again.
Purposely teasing you, just when I feel that,
You’re beginning to reach your peak, I slow down all over again.
Not letting you hit that height, until I say you can.

I take my mouth off of you, and replace it with my hand, just one more time.
I started stroking your erection, as fast as I can.
The sounds of you moaning,
Tells me when I should stop.
I abruptly stop, making you more impatient for me.

I put you back in my mouth. And immediately go to work on you.
I start sucking you vastly; I can feel you in the back of my throat.

I don’t stop this time. I keep going and going.
You push further in my mouth, past my tonsils, to the back wall of my throat.
You start pushing your hips into me, as I move my mouth towards you, taking you deeper in.
I go faster and faster.

So fast I couldn’t feel you slowly dripping.
Suddenly and unexpectedly, you explode inside my throat.
You’re so deep in me; I have no choice but to swallow.
I start sucking you harder, being sure not to miss one drop.
By the time you remove your dick, from my mouth, I have sucked you clean.
Not a drop left in or on you.

Leaving only satisfaction on you and it has never looked so damn good.

Though I thought after all we had just experienced, this night was indeed over.
But I must have underestimated you. For it was still dark out.
There was still time left to enjoy, and that is just what we did.

All of our kissing, teasing, and touching, had us both aroused all over again.
This time I was sure, your fingers would not satisfy me alone.
You must have read my mind, because you didn’t even attempt it.

You immediately moved,
On top of me.
I shiver, as your body touches mine.
It doesn’t take long, for the heat of my body, to transfer to yours.
I anxiously await you.

No words can describe how you take over my body, as you enter me.
The way you move, to the rhythm of my heart beat, with every thrust, literally takes my breath away.
Not a sound dares to escape my lips; I’m so in awe of you.

I feel my body shake with anticipation, as you vigorously thrust deep inside of me.
Your tongue caresses my neck, as I wrap myself around you.
You’re so far in me, I can only move with your guidance.

You push harder and harder, never slowing to break.
Aiming to please, and determined to succeed.

And of course it happens again…
The intense sensation of you, so deep inside of me,
Can no longer be restrained!
I orgasm, Like never before.

My body’s contractions slow, as you release your cum,
Inside of me. Between the two of us, both climaxes, has left me flooded, and you covered.

We both lay exhausted,
And fully satisfied!

My Dearest Lust,
I Love the way you
Cum to Me, Every time!!! ;)

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