My First Love

By frogprince

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Tags: sex, breasts, young love, lust, disappointment

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This is the story of my first love.
This is about my first love.
She was a goddess,
Sent from Heaven above.

We were still in school.
I was 18 she was 17
I loved her. Was I a fool.

I was motivated by lust.
She was short,
But had a big bust.

I was blind as was the case.
We were together every day.
All I wanted was to get to second base.

She let me touch her breast each day.
It kept my interest,
I wasn’t going to go away.

Her tits and nipples were the best.
Over time however,
I wanted the rest.

My hands would move and wander.
I wanted third base,
I had no time to squander.

She was not hard to please.
With fingers and tongue,
I did it with ease.

I would make her cum and squirt
All over the couch and carpet.
We would always play and flirt.

I kept her happy with all the fun.
I was moving towards the end,
I really wanted a home run.

Over time I knew what it was about.
I was never going to score,
I was only going to strike out.