My Longing for You

By Cinner

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Tags: love, longing, needs

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I found my heart.
It is just past 6:00 A.M. I stretch and as you come into my mind, I smile.
Last night was so much more than I ever expected.

We talked and shared and loved,

Until the wee hours of the morning.

Your arm comes around me from behind and nestles between my breasts.

Gently, you pull me against you. I lean my head back and sigh.

You are everything to me now.

I cannot believe how right, how comfortable this feels.

I can feel your arousal hardening and love that I do that to you.

Your hand slowly drifts lower, to splay across my belly

To still me as your hips press forward.

I love the feel of your body against mine, skin to skin.

My hands reach for you, just to touch you,

To feel that you are here.

My hips automatically search for you.

My nipples harden and my breathing catches.
What you make me feel amazes me.

You amaze me.

You move your stiff cock towards my slit.

You growl deep in your throat when you feel how wet I am for you,

How wanting and needing.

You move past my opening and just thrust between my closed legs,

Jacking yourself off against my sopping cunt.

It is my turn to growl, in frustration.

This amuses you, that you can make me moan and squirm,

Trying to get you inside me.

You cum too fast, my love, you must learn to control it,

It controls you now, you tell me.

Your hands are mauling my breasts.

Pinching and pulling on my nipples.

Trying to twist us so you can reach me with your mouth.

You, my love, are also losing control.

Your movements are frantic, your hands are crushing my tits.

We are so near, but neither of us want to go near our climax.

Suddenly, you enter me, in one long glorious stroke.

I gasp as my muscles clamp down hard on you,

It is almost painful.

My orgasm is so intense, just as you said.

My head tossing from side to side, my eyes glazing over,

I cant catch my breath, my heart feels like it will beat too fast to survive this,

As my juices gush from me.

I am drenched, my pussy, my body, and my sheets.

I am shaking, the aftershocks keep rolling through me.

They don't seem to stop.

It awakens me!

We had only closed our computers and gotten off Lush a few hours ago.

I miss you so.

It is just past 6:00 AM and you are all that is on my mind.