My Love

By grghrn

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Tags: love, pledge

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What his love makes me feel.
Your love takes me to heights unknown
with passion's tender care.
Your lips seduce my hearts desire
and lay all feelings bare.

Your arms hold tight my lonely soul
as you kiss away my fears.
And promise me a life with you
so free of pain and tears.

Your fingers trace your love's design,
your signature on me.
I fall into your caring eyes
as through my heart you see.

Your body shields me from all harm;
you hold me tight to you.
You pleasure me beyond all thoughts
with everything you do.

You put me first and lead me on,
your hand encased in mine.
I am so proud to be with you.
Our love is, oh, so fine.

My heart, my love I give to you
as you give yours to me.
We'll walk together, arm in arm,
for all eternity.