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My Lovers

Tags: love, sex
You know those moments when you're with a lover and memories of the other blends in?
I see you and
you see me the same way he
sees me.
Your eyes make their way into the depths of me,
and you claim to know
inch of my
fears and secrets,
and I wonder
if you know that as I look at you, I see him looking at me
in the same way you look at me now,
off love and
with desire.

Your golden brown-green eyes shadowed by
thick black lashes blends with the
blue-grey of his
brighten by short thin gold lashes.

You brush your fingertips alongside my face to remove a strand of hair.
Our lips meet.
You- thick, soft and full.
You slip your tongue in my mouth and I suck on it like warm thick honey as I
Trace back memories to his
thin strong lips devouring my lust for him.
Our tongues dance and merge, teasing and biting

Your finger trace a line down my neck,
lower to my breast,
and my nipples rise to meet you, hungry for your tongue.
I pull you closer, as if to pull you in to meet him inside me.

My hands claw at your back, heat rising between our bodies. Your mouth takes my nipples.
Captive between your lips,
you drink me hungrily.
You glance up,
your golden brown green eyes glimmer in the light and you smirk when I flinch with pleasurable pain as you
His face comes into view,
playful, and eager to please.
He reaches his hand to the other side of my breast and pinch my nipple slow and hard, looking directly at me.

I love the way your hands dance over my body, as though touching a porcelain doll,
the way I love him massaging my body as though to break loose the fire inside me.

You ease your hands down to my stomach.
Your strength matching his as you squeeze my hips.
They travel lower towards my inner thighs and I whimper in anticipation, waiting for you to penetrate me with your finger.
You circle around my pussy, teasing the outside of my lips,
I push my pelvis towards you, hungry and excited.
You linger
then push your finger in
deep. A wave of heat rushes down meeting your finger. My hunger explodes into arms and legs wrapping around you, pulling you in closer.
I want you. I want him. I want...
so deep inside me,
Devour me.

merge into you, you into him, him into me.
You touch the nectar of my body, where he has touched before and after.
We meet there.
You explode in me, and
I wonder if you know
I'm feeling him too.
if you know he's feeling you and me.

The night takes us
and as I fall asleep I hear the rhythmic beating of your heart
and the
distant voice of him whispering the different ways he loves me.

In the middle of the night, I wake and press my body against you, burying myself deeper into him, loosing myself in you.

I feel satiated,
and taken
by you
and him
and all the ways that you love me.

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