My Secret

By Echo88

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Tags: love, sadness, longing

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The words I dare not say ever hover on my lips
longing to be set free.

Simple words yet profound
change everything once uttered
never to be the same again.

Do you know how I feel
the words I fear to tell you
the way they linger on my lips?

Gathering courage and strength
I open my mouth to speak
take a breath and close my lips.

Always faltering last minute
never brave enough to release them
I sit silently with a sad smile.

Eyes growing hazy with tears
I excuse myself before they fall
giving up the fight they trail down my face.

Quietly I whisper "I love you"
knowing only I can hear my secret
wishing things were different.

Tears still falling from my eyes
I shake my head sadly
telling you would change nothing.

I've known long enough
since I knew I loved you
that you didn't love me.