My sweet dear friend

By Mysteria27

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Tags: death, pain, sorrow, anguish, friends, love

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I thought we would would be together forever

We were together, for a little while; 
I think about you, and the way you smiled.

We were friends forever, until that night;
That dreadful night, you lost your life.

When I got the phone call, it was so surreal,
I was numb, and shocked could this be real?

My best friend, who I loved with all my heart;
Was taken from me, and now we are apart.

Sometimes, I hear your voice, and your laugh;
I get so sad, as you were my other half.

I always thought, we would be in each others life;
But you're with God, and I am somebody else's wife.

I know someday, we will be together,
My best friend, and I in heaven forever.

Sleep well, my sweet dear friend
We would have been friends, until the end.