My Unruly Heart

By Bunny12

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Tags: another frickin' frustrated poem

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Trying to control my unruly heart.

I wish I could control my heart it’s wants, it’s needs every part.

Make it choose what is logically best something tried and true that has passed the test.

Make it submit and make it behave but to my heart I am a slave.

It makes me feel things I wish it would not, it makes me want things that I haven’t got.

I wonder if it just creates temping illusions then without thinking jumps to conclusions.

The passion it has is so very intense but the choices it makes don’t make any sense.

Regardless of how stupid it seems to be it won’t change it’s mind it’s will is free.

It wants what it wants no matter what you say and it’s determined to get it nothing will get in the way.

I try to reason with it explain what is best but it just keeps telling me that I must jest.

That I must just do what it commands regardless if I do not understand.

It knows what is the best thing for me even if it seems like it shouldn’t be.

I just keep fighting with my stubborn heart because I think it’s putting the horse before the cart.

Putting me in danger putting me at risk of having it broken in a manor so brisk.

But my heart tells me you will take that chance or you will never experience that kind of romance.

You will never find anything so special as all the rest are so artificial.

I will give your love to whom I please and you will not fight me I will do it with ease.

When I relax and let down my guard I think maybe this won’t really be that hard.

Maybe I will just give into my heart maybe it knew what was best from the start.

As wanting what it wants is so easy to do when the one that it’s making me want is you.