Mythic Mons

By ferrousphallous

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Cunnilingual Mythology

                                                Mythic Mons (Revised)

                                    With her close cropped sultry delta

                                    Dark before my eyes so reverent,

                                    I saw within the folds a flash of fate,

                                    An infinite, eternal Gate:

                                    A humid, hot Significant.


                                    A Mediterranean mount

                                    Of smoldering pungent readiness,

                                    A tender, tended dense triangle

                                    Shielding lips lusciously so full

                                    They were due the praise we pay to Venus.


                                    Thus, lingually lingering memories

                                    Of Woman Flesh mature and ripe

                                    And of Passion tongued and sipped

                                    From the living mythic hieroglyph

                                    Of an Aphroditic archetype!