N is for Naked


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Relaxed, stripped of tense pretense and clothed only in bodily essence
N is for Naked

Naked came I within

Wondrous, winding ways

Of imagination’s dream;

My only clothing, skin.

It is my mind I’m stripped

Of body shame of being

Encased in others’ decree

That from myself be ripped.

I stand barefoot in my head

On exciting fields of joy

Where, bare in nature’s berth,

I am reborn in flowering bed.

Not just at night, under cover

Of dark but dead decency,

Do I roam about out of doors.

Nude, Dawn kisses me as lover.

Where came this bold streak

Of genuine feeling within

Insensate sense of normalcy?

Brave heart lies even in the weak.

So, when at games televised

You see maid or man parade

In altogether nothing covered,

Imagine what they’ve realized.

Dreams can but become true.

For that is in their nature.

And, naturally, I imagine

A naked reality that is you.