No Au Revoir For Now (But Somehow I Knew)

By socuriouso

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for jamie.

I wanted you to have the option, and hoped you wouldn't take it,

I want you to be happy, and excited and free to love,

I want you to love me, and to do so of your own choosing. 

I want you to be dangerous, and risky and sometimes mysterious.

How is it that you can never be if you haven’t even asked what I want from you?

Ive been quiet,

Ive done whats expected,

Ive lived tragic,

and forgotten.

So Ill take dangerous, if

its your beautiful soul beckoning

at the end of that path.

Ill shoulder burdens, if your

laughter is my reward. If your

forgiveness is complete, Ill not be

quiet, because you don’t want to





April 28, 2012