No matter what I need you

By SoithWaya

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Tags: love, devotion, wanting, needing

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I love you. I miss you. I want you. I need you.
When the sun rises in the morning,
Kissing me gently with its rays, I want you.
When I sit in the sun, basking in its warm, I need you.
When the sun dips into the ocean, that is how I know…
I love you and don’t want to lose you.
When I blink, I lose you.
When I close my eyes at night, I lose you.
But when I hear your breathing so gentle and soft,
I smile and sigh for you’re always right there.
The other day, I found a feather.
A snowy white feather.
Turning it every way, I searched for where it could have come from.
Then I felt hands close over my eyes,
A whispered “guess who”
And I instantly knew..
The other day an angel fell
And now I have you