No Room

By LauraLee_sugah

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Tags: longing, hurt, obsession

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you take everything

You overwhelm me

with your need

as you pull me too close

and steal my breath with your lips.

Your hands tear at my body

as I moan for your love.

That mouth...

oh my god.

that mouth sucks my breasts

as if to drain them of life.

The entrance you crave is wet

in spite of all efforts

because I need you

and hate that need at the same time.

You slide through the folds

with hard and biting strokes

to prove to me

that there is no one else....

no. one. else.

My orgasm crashes through me

and I weep.

You leave me breathless

with no means of regaining

the simplest necessity.

There is no room between us,

my dearest enemy.

You have taken all there is

and there is no room for me.