Not a Lie

By mare24

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Tags: love, boyfriend, hurting

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My love for him is not a lie
There are so many things I could tell you

If I were brave,

Such as I’m not jealous

Of all your friend girls,

But then I would lie.

I could tell you I’m

Strong and brave

And self-confident

And you traveling to see

Other friend girls

(Or them traveling to see you)

Doesn’t bother me,

But then I would lie.

I could tell you that

The age difference

Between us doesn’t matter

To either you or I,

But then I would lie.

I could tell you I’m not

Afraid of the unknown

The uncertainty of tomorrow,

The pain of yesterday,

Or that the endless possibilities

Don’t frighten me,

But then I would lie.

But you know what

Frightens me the most?

Never standing up

For what I want

For what I love

For what I will fight for

Which is you and me together,

And that is most certainly not a lie.

And if revealing to you my

Utmost fears and longings

Makes me most vulnerable,

I find I do not care because

Then at least for once

I have been honest and true,

And you now know how much I love you,

And about that I most assuredly would not lie.