Not A Word Will Be Spoken

By andyhants

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Tags: Tease, First Time

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I stand at your door ready to knock, nervous with anticipation
To meet you for the first time in person as per our arrangement
Will we click, will this work, will we keep to the rules set?
No words to be spoken, will it be hard....oh yes, you bet

You answer the door dressed as agreed and usher me to come inside
God you are beautiful, I am in heaven I must have died
The door closes behind and we now stand smiling face to face
If anywhere to be on earth, this was definitely the right place

Our lips meet and the kiss starts as we look deep into each other’s eyes
The tenderness of your kiss and its warmth is a pleasant surprise
The kiss doesn’t break as you begin to start unbuttoning my shirt
Your hand dips inside to squeeze my nipple, now erect and alert

The shirt falls from my shoulders and into a heap on the floor
You unbuckle my belt, the clothes pile still to grow yet more
My trousers slide down and my shoes are now off to join the heap
I am now naked, no underwear was worn, an easy promise to keep

Your warm hands slide over and caress my body, my senses awake
Our eyes are still meeting, tongues entwined with the kiss we won’t break
Now I untie the bow at the back of your blouse and the front starts to open
Now bare chest to your breasts, they definitely feel as good as I was hoping

I slip off your blouse, you step out of your heels as I start to unbutton your skirt
It quickly releases to fall with your blouse, my trousers and my shirt
Hear we now stand naked together, our long lingering kiss still ongoing
Our hearts pounding together, with the sexual tension our blood is flowing

With our hands we are now exploring for the first time each other’s bodies
The reaction of our bodies show that this touching really does please
We know that this first time, this will be as far as the encounter goes
But we both hope to meet again soon, when, well nobody knows

The time has now come and the kiss must now break so we can dress
There were strict rules, but we both wanted more I must confess
Dressed now it’s time to leave, we must part, the spell must be broken
But we kept to our vow, I leave and not a single word was spoken