Not Letting You Go

By Saga

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Tags: friendship, love, wanting, faith, honesty

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As I close my eyes, I can feel everything.
Every part of you is now every part of me.

This dark desire is so intense and pure,
And I know it is wrong, but I need you so.

I don’t want to stop, nor will I ever,
Until you walk away, I will be forever yours.

The things we share, are our true selves,
Nothing hidden and no lies told.

You whisper what you want from me;
I moan out loud, as I give it all to you.

You have brought back a part of me that was lost,
But now I feel and want everything again.

I want to show you everything there is,
To make you feel so alive and wanted.

My kisses are genuine and tender,
They are all completely and honestly yours.

I take your hand, and lean against your shoulder.
I sigh contently as I close my eyes.

You make me happy, and you make me smile.
My soul is shining and sparkling again.

The hardened shell has started to soften,
As you tell that I am perfect and needed.

You sing to me and whisper tender words,
You keep me company when I am scared.

You are there every night to say "Sweet dreams";
"Good morning" awaits me as soon as I wake.

Your unyielding faith in me is strengthening,
I have started to believe in your words.

Everything about you is honest and true,
Nothing false and no games played.

I have found a true friend in you, and I am never letting you go.