Ode to Terry

By Karrenfuchmee

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Working with her was really tough, she was married and so was I.
Terry, Terry, Oh My sweet Terry,

In your pussy so warm and furry,

It’s my face I’d like to bury,

My God I’m in such a hurry,

But darling please do not fret,

I’ll always get you good and wet,

I’ll lick you slow and very gentle,

I’d love to put you on my mantel,

Your luscious thighs would be my table,

Your pussy will be my diet staple,

My tongue would softly massage your clit,

I’ll lick it till you screamed, Please Quit,

Your clitouris would be my hidden treasure,

Your satisfaction will be my only pleasure,

Your ass would be my second choice,

To lick it till I hear your voice,

Screaming “Fuck me, fuck me, you handsome prick,

Fuck me with your hot bulbous dick,

Screw me Baby until I cum,

And then, please fuck me in my bum,

Fuck me hard, and fuck me well,

Make my Lovely pussy swell,

Fill my love hole with your goo,

I’ll cum for you, and when I do,

I’ll get on my knees and pleasure you,

Your cum soaked cock I want to lick and suck,

After which I want to fuck.”