On My Knees

By HunniDew

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Tags: blowjob, lust, desire, cum

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There is no better feeling…..
On my knees before you,

I worship at the altar of your exquisite cock.

Long, thick, pink perfection.

Looking up into your eyes,

My tongue travels the length of your shaft.

Flicking over your swollen head,

Tasting the sublime saltiness of your pearly droplets.

Your fingers tangling in my hair.

My scarlet nails tracing soft circles over your balls,

As my glossy lips close over your throbbing heat.

My delicate hand wrapped around you,

As you gently fuck my willing mouth.

Your moans sending shivers of desire right through me.

Humming as you sink further into my throat.

Wanting you, needing you to find your sweet release.

My sapphire eyes flashing with lust

As I feel you swell in my mouth

Your balls lifting, your nectar rising.

Your body trembling as you begin to climax

Rewarding me with your hot creamy cum

Spurt after spurt coating my mouth and throat.

Aftershocks running through your muscular body

As you pull me close for a long, tender kiss

Sharing my prize.

On my knees for you,

There’s nowhere I’d rather be.