Once Again

By LatinSugar

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Tags: lovers, past, present, forever

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Souls that seek through space and time until they Reunite
The moment has come for us to reunite
Once again
One time you and I were much more than lovers
Unstoppable passion, desire and power

The land was ours, knowledge, kindness, the Love
Once again
We have it all, the words, silence and the Love
Warm kisses veil our bodies, silky sweet

Soft light makes shadows on the walls
Once again
The collision of two souls that seek
Through time and space, lost within lust

Before this time, long before this existence
We have shared another, a previous one
Loving, caring, giving, inseparable, we were
Once again, here we are, our time is now

Such was our Love
That through dust, wind, sand and water
Once again
We have found each other