One Last Crown of Daisies

By Shylass

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Tags: daisies, love, beginning, ending, hope, comfort, cuddling, kissing

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Let this day never end...
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Clean swathes of stars in the lushly green meadows;
Sweet scent of your breath on my soul;
Dusky blue skies with their gossamer clouds
Make my heart sing as you make me whole.

Grasping my hands in this autumn-gold sun
As the moonpennies blaze final glory,
The kiss of your lips on my neck lends a shiver
As the first shoots grow in our love story.

A smile for my heart and a kiss on my lips,
And a tender stroke now on my face,
We lay in the meadow, now hidden from sight,
As the daisies bestow their fair grace.

Each face looks above us to transcendent skies,
Discreetly averting their view
As you wrap me in love and the sweet joy of cuddling,
And make me think only of you.

My arms round your neck as my eyes smile my joy,
In reflection of that which I see,
I give of myself and you speak of the future
In the eyes that you turn upon me.

My legs round your waist in this star-studded day,
You proclaim me a princess of light;
But I’d be content as your peasant girl love,
Royally rich in my lover’s delight.

You drink of my body and all that I have,
As I drink of yours; we quench our thirst.
And the daisies surround us, our autumn day blanket
Delightful, a fragrant starburst.

My head on your chest, I doze in your glow
And I’d while away all of my hours
Just to lay in your arms as they make me a crown
Of the year’s final bloom daisy flowers.

Tenderly, gently, you crown me your queen,
And you brush away all of my fears
With a kiss on my nose and a kiss of my hand,
And a kiss for my runaway tears.

One last crown of daisies in this dying year;
One last kiss for the end of this day;
One last smile for my heart, one last squeeze for my soul,
Let this love always last, come what may.

This poem only available on Lush Stories