One Step Closer

By unicorn92

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Tags: love, distance

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I started writing and it got erased, so this isn't as good as my first version, but hopefully its ok
Every one day is,
Another day closer,
To holding her in my arms,
Going on dates,
Kissing her.
No screen in my way.
Every second.
Every minute.
Every hour.

Closing the distance's miles of wingspan,
Another mile closer,
To holding her hand,
To being together,
Cuddling all night,
Nothing standing in my way.
Every day,
Every month,
Every season.

One step closer to happiness,
Another dollar closer,
To renting a small place,
Living happily on a tight budget,
Having sleepovers at my place,
Nothing stopping me now from my goal.
One step closer.
One day gone,
One true love.

Step by step,
I will get there.
Step by step,
I will travel,
Every heartbeat,
Brings me closer.
A mile closer.
A heartbeat closer.
A second closer to you.