Only Words

By Prowler

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Tags: admiration, appreciation

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I love how only words can transform the mind and emotions
Only Words II

People say they are only words, nothing more, Author, Poet
Yet, you capture my heart and transport my mind
with those verbs and nouns you spew so freely,
your adjectives painting the grandiose or sublime.

To love-drenched beaches and torture-dungeons alike
I readily go with you without fear, stranger.
You lift my spirit one day and drown my soul the next,
fill me with hope and force me to shiver in danger

You share with me your lovers, and I too
bask in the glow of their sexual pleasure.
Your visions draw me closer, deep into the heat of passion
until transfixed, I become the male lover there.

But most of all, you reveal and define parts of me,
Illuminate what I value and hate about myself.
You expose my suppressed needs and fears, excite my deepest desires
and so, I reach out again to pull "us" from my virtual bookshelf

There I find life's joys and pain and fall in love over and over,
knowing all the while my feelings are utterly absurd.
But oh, how delightfully real it all feels when
I immerse myself in your awesome talent with "only words."