Opera with a nice ring to it


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Der Ring des Nibelungen What really happened in that final scene
Blessed bare on the enchanted summit.
What lies there? Puss-puss or somewhat.
How delightful is this glimmering sight!
Breasts heaving in that armour tight.

Siegfried is taken by amorous fits.
The armour’s off; My God! What tits!
“Mommy, Mommy. Looky, looky!
Brünnhilde’s boobs and naked nookie!”

‘Das ist kein Mann’, Siegfried surmises
As more than just the curtain rises.
His hand trembles on his beating heart
And even more throbbing body part.

Awaking now the damsel dear, he
Vanquishes this bold Valkyrie.
With mighty blows he doth impart
Eternal love that smites her heart.

Paeans of joy and great delight
Are sung by her and this bold knight
Great love’s released and lust is felt
As his 'sword' unlocks her chastity belt!

This maiden is at last a maid
For with a man she hath now laid.
To Valhalla she must bid adieux
And embrace with lust a heaven new.