Our First Time

By frogprince

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At eighteen we were ready to have sex together.
I’ve got a secret. I’m embarrassed to say.
I’m still a virgin,
But that will end today.

My girlfriend and I over coffee and pie,
Decided it was time
To give sex the old college try.

My girlfriend and I were going steady.
We had thought it over
At eighteen we decided we were ready.

We sat together full of fear and fright.
We were making big plans,
To lose it together on this very night.

Her parents were gone on a weekend trip.
We will go to her bedroom
Turn out the lights and strip.

I was all worried and very scared.
I hoped she was ready.
I knew I was prepared.

The time was upon us. I was at her house.
I walked up the sidewalk.
I was as quiet as a mouse.

The door was open, she was all smiles
My knees were knocking
They could be heard for miles.

She took my hand we kiss and hug.
I walked in the house
With heavy feet I tripped on the rug.

We both were laughing in fits
I fell on top of her
My hands reached out, I grabbed for her tits.

She looked up and said, “Whoa boy.
What you are grabbing
Surely wasn’t a toy.”

Standing up she saw my cock.
It was pushing out.
It was as hard as a rock.

She took my cock in hand
I reached out to her
My hand encircled a mammary gland.

We kissed and cuddled for what seemed like ages.
We were moving slowly
We were doing it in stages.

We had made it to first base.
We were breaking for second
We had picked up the pace.

Our clothes were flying all over the place
We were rounding second
We headed for third base.

She had a good hold on my cock
And put it inside her
Sitting upon me she started to rock.

The harder I got the more she rode
I felt us both stiffen
As together we did explode.

We both agreed that that was such fun
We loved playing baseball,
When you hit a home run.