Our Valentine's Date

By Navin

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Gazing at you across the table
A small votive flickering
This seaside restaurant has always been our favorite

The sun is setting and the sky is ablaze
Orange. Purple. Gray.
The dusky light over the water is mesmerizing.
The waves hammer the windy shoreline violently.

I reach across and take your warm hand in mine
Your touch sends a jolt of electricity through me
Just as it did the first time we touched.

Your eyes are so soft and full of joy
Just being near you makes me smile
Cherishing these quiet moments with you
After all we've been through.

We both look out the window
As your hand caresses mine
A flock of gulls swoops by
The sun drops below the horizon
Our special night is just beginning.

The meal arrives
I watch you twirl your spaghetti effortlessly
And smile knowing that if I tried to do the same
It would quickly be in my lap.

Our small talk is just that
The true conversation is all in the body language.
Touching, gazing, tasting
Both of us thinking about the true sensuality
That is yet to come.

The check arrives after our final sip of house red
You take my hand and lead me out the door
Not sure that we'll make it to the car
Before you give me my Valentine's present.

Our fingers interlaced. Squeezing. Caressing.