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Over the horizon

Over the horizon

Longing to be with the one that I love

As I lay here on the beach,
As the waves brake upon the shore
I dream and wonder
What is just over the horizon.

Closing my eyes,
Dreaming of what lies beyond the horizon
Over where I just can’t see
Fearful to move close knowing,
It’s always just out of reach.

The thought that feel it beckons me close,
The chance of a new life
Is an offer I can’t refuse
A world in which I am reborn,
Is something I can’t let slip. 

Is this something that I want,
But I am torn between two places
For that I know once I go there
I will not be able to return,
As I will be in the arms of the one I love.

This is the life that I know I want to live,
But there is more to life that I need to learn
A gentle but persuasive hand
Is trying, urging me to go forth,
Sample some of life’s wonders.

I would give anything to see,
A beautiful red sky at dusk
As the sun sets on the horizon
Longing to hold you in my arms,
Watching it together across the valley.

I would do anything to gaze,
At a full moon in the night sky
Holding your hand
On a cold frosty night,
Lending you my coat to keep you warm.

Even a rainbow just after a shower,
Will make me smile
Just wondering if we could
Find the pot of gold,
To make our dreams come true.

Sometimes I make a wish,
When I see a shooting star
To be with the one I love
Even then we are separated,
By the vastness of the ocean.

When I gaze into the night sky,
All the stars twinkling away
Just like tiny diamonds
Wishing you was by side,
To take in all this beauty.

Laying in the flower meadow,
Looking up into blue sky 
Watching the cotton candy clouds
Closing my eyes to dream that I am soaring high,
As I follow the clouds over the horizon. 

A silhouette appears on the horizon,
Getting closer, could it be a dream
I pinch myself check to see if it’s real
It’s still getting closer,
I smile when realise it’s you.

All my dreams have come true,
All these moments I now can share
Laying together in a meadow
Watching a sunset,
As it turns to night.

But I also know I am looking at
The world's most beautiful creation,
Every time you smile,
And every time I look into your eyes.

When I woke, I discovered it was all a dream.

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