Part 3: Making love to you!

By tommie

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Loving the girl of my dreams. (for you)
The scent of fresh grass, surrounding our bodies
Lying together in a field
The evening sky red, a cooling breeze flowing
Our naked bodies revealed

You sit on my stomach, and fondle my hair
Holding me in your gaze
Your warm body on mine, our lips softly touching
It feels like I’m in a daze

Our tongues are dancing, a slow teasing dance
Entangled in an endless fight
The passion is showing, our heat slowly building
Oh why does this feel so right?

You rub your body down slowly, your wetness over me
The wanting showing in your eyes
My hardness slides in easy, filling you slowly,
You let out a gasp in surprise

The passion takes over, as you start rocking faster
moans escaping our lips
We are lost in our feelings, blind to the world
My hands enclosing your hips

Gripping you tight, as our moans getting louder
My lips searching your skin
Finding their price, engulfing your nipple
Sucking it slowly in

Your hand grips my hair, overwhelmed by the feeling
your mouth dry as you say
Oh baby so close, you feel so good in me
Lets go all the way.

As we reach the top, from our long and slow climb
we grip each other tight
your body trashing on mine, as we jump from the peak
falling down from the height

Our bodies are shaking, you scream out loud
Enjoying the waves of pleasure
Coming down slowly, you collapse on my body
holding you tigh and tender

You lie in my arms, until darkness sets in
Wishing we could stop time
Do you want to be with me always? I whisper in your ear
Because I want you forever as mine.