Passions Kiss

By Southern_Sass

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Tags: satisfaction

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You come in and close the door
I sigh with satisfaction as your clothes hit the floor.
I feel your warm breath brushing my face
My skin still tingles with every embrace.
I cannot wait to feel your lips caressing mine
As your hand slides slowly down my spine.
In my ear, you whisper my name
Slowly igniting passions warm flame.
Satisfaction is sweet as you slide deep inside me
At that moment we are joined as two lovers should be.
The first time we met, my soul felt a start
And I knew right then you were to fill my heart.
Your sexy eyes and little boy smile
Seduced me in that innocent style.
Then I got a glimpse of the person inside
And my feelings for you I just could not hide.
Maybe it will be easier to continue to exist
If we give in to how we feel like we did to Passions Kiss.