By LauraLee_sugah

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the way you feel inside me is perfection

I watch your beloved and intense face

and touch the edge of your mouth

as you slowly slide your erect length

into my longing.

Breath ceases

as a moan is pressed from my throat.

All is perfect.


Of course, the earlier kisses,

desperate and wild,

were perfect.

The laughing chase as we

ran to the bed leaving a trail of clothes behind us

was perfect, too.


But this moment is

perfectly serious,

perfectly sensual,

perfectly enthralling.

Your cock hard and dripping.

My pussy pulsing around you,

sucking you,

inviting you into every part of me.

Suddenly you pause

in that exquisite unknown

of stars above and stars below

and kiss my smiling mouth.

Your body passionately claims mine

as you thrust into my heart.


and faster

I meet you

in joy

in exaltation

in burning heat

until we shatter

and collapse

in perfection.