By Alphamagus

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Tags: love, monogamy, light-hearted

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A light-hearted poem from an ex-player
To put it into perspective,
It seems my prime directive
Is to be a little more selective
When parking Percy in a hole.

It's just he gets excited
When by a filly he’s invited
To be orally delighted,
And rubbed onwards to his goal.

But the way forward is monogamy,
At the risk of my ignominy,
And darling, just to let you see,
That you will be the only one.

So I will stop being so salacious,
Imprudent and rapacious,
As you have been so gracious
To prevent me being undone.

So, a pillar of society,
Afar from insobriety,
Abundant with a piety,
He now belongs to you.

No more futile groping,
No oral eloping.
You can see now I am coping,
And how my heart is true.

So farewell, all you ladies,
Who led me into Hades,
Sarahs, Claires and Sadies,
I have had my curtain call.

You will never see another
Who was as attentive as a lover,
Or as protective as a brother.
She now has my all.