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Physical Love

A poem about me and my love being intimate

We lay on your bed with
Your arms wrapped around me.
It can't get any better than this
But, actually, it can. 

We begin to feel the desire
and hunger for each other, 
as well as the need for one another
As we lay there. 

You start kissing me passionately. 
Soft supple lips pressed together; 
Eyes closed as we become lost, 
Lost in each other. 

You eagerly toss my shirt off
and then the rest of my clothes.
I take your clothes off and then, 
we are both naked. 

You begin to caress my breasts
As I run my hand up and down you. 
We both moan out in pleasure. 

You kiss my neck with passion, 
Driving me wild with desire
As I am still touching you. 

You slowly start kissing down
Until you reach my breasts, 
Taking each nipple into your mouth
As you rub the other with your hand. 

I run my hands up and down your back. 
I run them through your hair
As you pleasure me in the way only you can. 

You slowly run your hands down my body, 
Lower and lower until you get there. 
You slip a finger inside of me,
Giving me that sexy look of power and control. 

My body succumbs to your touch, 
So powerless and weak against your fingers. 
I crave you and only you, 
Desperately wanting you inside of me.

Wanting to feel you touch my soul. 
My body belonging to you. 
Yearning rages through our bodies,
begging us to give in and make love. 

We both silently ignore the lust
 as you slip your finger out of me. 
 Then you lower your mouth, 
Using your tongue to drive me wild. 

I stare down at you while you do this, 
Thinking you look beautiful naked. 
Beautiful with so much passion for me, 
Showing me that you love me. 

You stop and stare at me for a minute
And then you whisper "you are beautiful."
We begin to passionately kiss again, 
I can taste myself on your lips. 

I slowly lower myself down, 
taking you into my mouth. 
I suck on your hard member 
As you thrust your hips, 
Making me take you deeper. 

You begin to rub your hand down my back, 
Sending delicious shivers down my body. 
I slowly begin to stop sucking on you. 
We kiss once more and then we cuddle, 
Stopping before we let it get too far. 

We lay there naked together, 
You have your arms wrapped around me
And I lay my head on your chest. 
I listen to the sound of your heart, 
Wanting this to never end.
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