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For the woman I love
I want to please every part of your body

Do things I have never done solely for your pleasure

I will fulfill your desires and needs

Just thinking about it has my mouth watering

I am thirsty for your love

Let me drink from your most private place

I can’t wait to enjoy the sweet taste

My touch will send shivers down your spine

Your love is now mine

Deep kisses on the lips

Trailing down to your hips

Then I kiss your other lips and take a lick

Teasing you circling my tongue around your clit

Suck it into my mouth, moving my tongue up and down

Now I got you screaming loud

Your hands are gripping the covers

You realize that I’m your perfect lover

I slip two fingers into your wetness

Feeling your walls tight around them

In moments your orgasm hits

But we’re not even close to being done, we have the whole night to finish this