Pleasure Me

By Kandikiss51

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This morning it's all about your pleasure. Making you feel good is my delight.

My fingers slowly caress you...touching your skin...your cheek...your neck.

I look into your eyes...I see the smile in them...the light...the love.

Your lips draw soft and tender.

I finger your beautiful.

I touch your breast...softly...gently...your nipple hardens.

I hear the intake of your breath...your arousal begins to build.

My fingers move lower...tracing your flesh...every descending.

You open for my touch...wetness...heat.

You gasp again as my fingers tenderly stroke you creating more urges.

My lips find yours again...the kiss deepens...tongues touching.

You gasp into my mouth as my fingers find your tremble.

My mouth makes the same journey my fingers have just made.

Touching your cheek...your neck...your breast.

I linger and suckle, my fingers still pleasure you.

Lower I spread your legs wide in anticipation.

You feel my warm breath on your tongue touches you.

I feast...I drink...your body shakes with pleasure.

My fingers enter tongue tastes you.

Your passion builds in intensity.

You press up into my mouth, my fingers probe deeply.

You explode.

* * * * *

I tell you to lie on your back; lips touch softly, than deeper.

My eyes lock with yours, kiss deepens, tongues dance, souls entangle.

I lay my head on your chest, your heart beats in unison with mine.

Lost in loves embrace, you love for me radiating between us.

My lips tremble against your skin, my tongue, and fingers follow, igniting your passion.

I caress your hairy chest, as my tongue encircles your nipples, making you tremble.

I work down your body leaving a wet trail of kisses, arousing you.

I grasp your swollen member, flicking my tongue through the pre-cum and purr.

My lips move, tongue tantalizes, as I feel you grow harder in my mouth.

You groan when I take one of you cum filled balls into my mouth.

Your eyes watch as my lips, tongue and finger entice you further.

I suck you softly at first then harder……..making you growl with desire.

I stop, but only long enough to straddle you. I want your cock inside me.

You grasp my hips as I guide your member inside my wanting pussy till I am balls deep.

We rock in the rhythm of lovers. I lean forward, my mouth coming down hard on yours.

Your arms encircle me, tongues explore, and lips kissing….breathing ragged.

Touching……kissing……moving slowly deeply, as my body pleasure yours.

My warm breath on your neck, nibbling your ears, and whispering I love you.

Anticipation grows; touches more deliberate…our bodies shaking with delight.

We are one, our passions soaring, like wings of an eagle on the wind.

I press my pussy down, you thrust upwards, holding me there, explode deep inside me.

I lay atop you, as we bask in the after glow, sated in each others pleasure.

I lie next to you holding you not wanting this moment to ever end……..

We look into each others eyes, no words need to be spoken…. I fall asleep in your arms.