Poisoned Fruit

By Kayte7

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Tags: Warning

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I am poison
So I’ve been told
Dare taste my fruit
If you are bold.

You’ve been warned
About my charms
So sweet, so sly
Of how it harms

I’ll reel you in
I’ll take my prey
Devour you whole
Then run away

I mean no harm
Partake of me
But you will never
Be set free

I’ll use and use
I’ll only take
That’s what he said
GO! For your sake

I’ll only hurt
I’m hard to love
Don’t even try
I’ll only shove.

My love is tight
My love is true
But when we met
That day, you’ll rue.

Die in my arms?
You sweetly say
But you won’t die
In pain you’ll stay

I love you now, dear
Like I never have
Please stay away from me
Please don’t…