Powder Sugar

By Adagio

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As you lay naked on your back and laugh
I swash gently.
Painting your nipples and breasts 
with a soft brush,
I brush softly.
Covering each with powdered sugar,
water and cinnamon.
What a rush,
I touch.

Like leading me there you sway your hips
as the bristles sweep your lines,
so defined.
Adding nutmeg to your thighs
giving rise to my cock.
I swash.
You sigh.

Woman dew on your cunt
like icing intoxicates me,
you moan. 
Precum seeping down my penis
I throb.
My cock takes life. 
Sensual music you cry.
Air brush.

Suckling on your tits.
Picnicking as if the gifts they are,
nipples like ripen berries.
Darken aureoles of sunset, 
I crave.
Erotic pleasures.

Running my fingers through your hair
as if fingers on a comb
you raise your ass.
Your cunt demitasse.
I'm throbbing.
My cock's hungry eye
bleeding my elixir.
Like a wet martini
you are.

Your hands fingers reaching out
grabbing my testicles.
You screaming,
"Paint me, Adagio." 
Magnificent fornication and wet paint.