Pray for you tonight

By HK4167

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Dedicate this poem to an old friend in real life
It's another year coming and going, 
Before I know it time just flying. 
Looking down the street people are celebrating, 
And I wonder my friend far away how are you doing?

We met ten years ago in this raining city, 
When I just landed a good job and busy with party. 
You said you were visiting your sister and studying.
In fact you were here just for recovering.

You hair is dark and you always wore black, 
You like smoking and you hardly spoke. 
Rumor said you had affair with a married guy, 
Rumor said you were here to escape.

Your sister and you joined my hiking group to loose up, 
But as a city girl after two miles you had to give up. 
I walked to you gave you my energy bar, 
Told you for a first timer you hiked pretty far.

Later we hang out to watch ocean, 
It was a windy day so you snuggled into me. 
All of sudden I noticed your body was soft and hot, 
And you said, "Why don’t you kiss me."

That night we went to my apartment, 
Where our kisses became passionate. 
As I entered your body I noticed you were crying, 
I thought you didn’t like it but you held me and told me just keep going.

You spurred out something when you came, 
And I’m pretty sure it was not my name. 
I did not say a word just held you with my arm, 
And wish one day I could let you forget about him.

Like that we started dating, 
And you let me enter your world. 
You showed my all the scars on your arms, 
With all the cigarette burns and razor cuts.

You said only pain makes you feel alive, 
You said like fire you were burning yourself. 
I was too young to understand all of that, 
But I worried one day we would take different path.

Soon my worry became reality, 
Maybe because our love was never meant to be. 
Between us there was never fighting, 
Just in different directions we started drifting.

At our last love making we did not say a word, 
Just let all of our desires gone wild. 
After you got dressed you hugged me, 
You told me that you will try to hate me so you can forget about me.

A year later we met again on the street, 
Both with our own dates. 
We smiled and chatted like two old friend, 
Before saying goodbye and back on the road.

Later I heard you broke up again and moved to another country. 
That’s the last piece of information about you. 
For years I wondered how your life has been treating you, 
Have you found the love you deserved.

Now I’m older and I know what mistake I made, 
Tried to be a lover when you actually need a friend. 
Maybe this does not mean much to you now, 
But I really want to look into your eyes and tell you I’m sorry.

Now I can hear the people on the street cheering, 
And for you my friend I kneel down my knees praying. 
I pray for you hope everything is all right. 
I pray for you wish your life become bright. 
I pray that in the new year you don’t need pain to feel alive, 
I pray that in the new year you will find a guy who can give you true love.