By naughtyjew

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How good can you pretend?
I can pretend that it never happened.
I can pretend that it doesn't hurt.
I can pretend that I'm happy.
I can pretend that you meant nothing to me.
I can just keep on pretending and lying to my heart.
But it takes a toll.
The lies and the tricks only break my heart a little more each time.
I can pretend that I don't care if you notice.
I can pretend that I don't care if you see.
I can pretend that I don't miss you.
I can pretend.
I can pretend that I'm alright without you.
I can pretend that I am strong.
I can pretend that a mountain moves under my feet.
I can pretend that everything was washed away by the waves of summer.
I can pretend that we were never there.
I can pretend.
But maybe what you don't see is that by all this pretending, I'm only hiding the truth.
Keeping it buried in my mind to grow till it consumes me.
It will consume me. But you won't care or notice.
You have moved on and forgotten.
But I have not. I still live with the pain, the guilt, the regret.
The lust, the want, the need, the pleasure.
I live with it all. Your face a constant reminder every day that I screwed up.
So let's pretend. Let's pretend we meant nothing to each other.
Let's pretend that we are nothing at all.
Let's pretend that we don't know each other anymore.
Let's just pretend that nothing ever happened.